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Download Build a Game – Beta

“Building games one tile at a time”

Our goal at Build a Game Universe is to provide you with a complete solution for developing, publishing, marketing and playing games made for and by the next generation of gamers.
  • Build a Game removes the barriers for building games. Take your ideas and bring them to life in Build a Game.
  • Create custom games fast and efficient. Enjoy one click publishing to a growing list of supported platforms.
  • Download Build a Game now and see how fun game development can be!
  • Create your own art, animation, and audio to use in Build a Game. Anything from photos, paintings, play-doh, to 8bit pixel art can be turned in to custom tiles ready for your next game!
  • Upload your content today to begin earning money and coins from buyers around the world, 24/7.
  • It’s time to leave your mark on a tile! Check out Tile Builder today and set your creativity loose in the Build a Game Universe.
  • Play your games where you want and on what you want through the Build a Game Universe.
  • Cloud storage makes your collection available everywhere you go. Enjoy the journey on the mobile and save boss fights for the big screen. Your games, your choice.
  • Get an account today and start playing your new favorite games in the Build a Game Universe!
  • Challenge yourself with games created by first time designers to industry experts!
  • Support designers with feedback, social media highlights, and financially; enabling developers to create the next generation of games.
  • Get started now to lend your gameplay skills, opinions and reviews to our growing community of gamers.
  • Time to show your friends what games are all about. Share your adventures and see if they have what it takes!
  • Share your games and ideas with friends everywhere. Then start posting and liking the games you find in the Market Center.
  • Start making the next hit game and let the universe be a part of the fun!
  • Turn your art in to tiles and let the community enjoy playing with them.
  • Creating and sharing characters, environments, props and sound effects will make your presence known in the Build a Game Universe.
  • Follow your tiles throughout the Build a Game Universe with ‘Tiles Used’. The more they are used the higher your ranking!
  • It’s your time, your ideas and your opportunity!
  • Make the games you’ve been thinking of and sell them in the Market Center!
  • Grab up Build a Game and get started!
  • Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes from classic style to pop culture. Your unique view of the world can be just what a designer and storyteller are looking for!
  • Use your talents and energy to develop exciting characters, environments, props and effects that everyone wants!
  • Grab up Tile Builder today and get your tiles rolling!